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Novosibirsk State University
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The Center of New Archaeology of Novosibirsk State University is established within Project 5-100 that aims at maximizing the competitive position of Russian universities in the global research and education market
As a key objective we see the development of supplementary education in archaeology with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and applicability of knowledge. Rejecting the old-school concept of archaeology being a part of historical science, we transition to addressing it as a human science instead.

In order to increase the students' level of comprehension in the field of specific issues of archaeology, anthropology and related studies
we create a modern educational space
for carrying out practice-oriented interactive lessons.
Trailer for the short film on 2017 Kyrgyzstan expedition (in Russian)
The Center of New Archaeology focuses its work on
Supplementary education
Developing of supplementary education with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity
Educational spaces
Creating interactive educational spaces for specialized courses and demonstration of the obtained results
Terra Prehistorica. Archaeology online
Integrating webinars and online courses on archaeology and related studies
Joint research
Attracting researchers and developing partnerships with other archaeological centers
Carrying out and supporting conferences, workshops and scientific practices jointly with the institutes of SBRAS
Popularization of science
Organizing a series of lectures for children, creating an educational exposition center and launching a site
An international journal focused on the development of modern knowledge and the methodology of the Humanities, Digital, and Natural sciences, united in a single information space
Andrey Krivoshapkin
Doctor of History, professor of RAS, team leader
The Stone Age of Central and Northern Asia
Svetlana Shnaider
PhD in history, executive director
The Stone Age of Central Asia, digital excavation system
Ekaterina Bocharova
Administrator of Terra Prehistorica
The Stone Age of Baikal Siberia, educational technologies in archaeology
Darya Kozhevnikova
PhD in history, exhibition center manager
Archaeology of the Stone Age, prehistoric art
Natalia Belousova
Curating of the Educational Museum Complex of the Institute for the Humanities and Paleotechnology Laboratory, managing of the "Science for children" project
Archaeology of the Stone Age, reconstruction of stone processing technologies
Darya Marchenko
Administrator of educational programs, PhD student at NSU
Upper Paleolithic of Mongolia and Transbaikal, spatial structures, three-dimensional visualization of the distribution of finds in cultural layers
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