В этом разделе находятся реализованные проекты прошлых лет.
Computability theory
Computable topological space
Primitive recursion
Computably universal spaces
The project contributes to a new and rapidly developing theory that aims to unite, explain, and ultimately advance the results on on-line computation. We work within a general framework for on-line computation for algebraic and combinatorial structures that relies on Dedekind's primitive recursion and advanced priority constructions. The specific problems that we consider are motivated by the well-known results from computable algebra. These problems deal with the computational content of the theory of metric spaces. The participants of the workshop are welcome to join our team!
Applied mathematics
How to develop a bot mitigation system from scratch
Bots are malicious computer programs that are currently trying to break into your accounts, collect information about you or simply slow down your interaction with the favorite social network!
During the workshop we are going to develop our own bot mitigation system that will be able to protect web applications from different kinds of bots, such as crawlers, scrapers, headless browsers, web vulnerability scanners, and many others. Moreover, we will learn how to detect such bots and their behavior patterns to predict, prevent, learn and block such actions in the future.

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